Baby You Got Me

July 12, 2019
Tara Macri
10 Count Records
Number of discs: 1

July 12, 2019 – Buzzing LA Based, Canadian born pop singer, Tara Macri finds a way to bottle up bliss with her new single “Baby You Got Me” released by the LA based indie label 10 Count Records. The track is written by Tara herself along with Andrea England, produced by Garen Guey and mixed by multiple Grammy Award winner, Chris Lorde-Alge.

Beginning with a sweetened opening and seamlessly settling into a tender diary-like entry, “Baby You Got Me” captures that exact moment you realize when that special someone moves from a ‘a maybe’ to a ‘for sure’. Someone for the next level. Balanced between floating romance paired with a delicate tempo and vow like lyrics, the track is likely to find its way as the perfect song to lead the first wedding dance playlist.

There’s this moment when you’re with someone…sometimes, its right away or after sharing something significant that it the indescribable hits you and you realize that you that this is meant to be, you are All In with this person for whatever the future may bring. The feeling is hard to describe but you know when it happens to you. – Tara Macri

Shot on the iconic beaches of Venice and Santa Monica, California, the unpretentious hand-held music video captures a lazy afternoon continuing into an evening date night vibe with Tara captured by an intimate iphone video recorder, something you would swipe back on your phone to re-watch from time to time to relive of the outing of that amazing date night out.

Tara has an impressive artistic performance background strengthened by her lifelong passion for the arts that led her to land pivotal roles on Broadway (Hairspray, Jersey Boys, and one of the latest movie-turned- musicals to hit the Broadway stage, The First Wives Club). She also starred as Amber in Hairspray at the Hollywood Bowl opposite Nick Jonas and John Stamos. Outside of the theater, Tara is the voice of Young Tigress in the Kung Fu Panda prequel, “Secrets of the Scroll,” which also featured Jack Black, Dustin Hoffman, Seth Rogan, and Lucy Liu. Tara’s previous hit single “Prettiest Girl in the Room” broke Billboard’s Top 80 and received extensive air time on terrestrial and Sirius XM radio. Tara followed that success with her out of this world single “Meet Me on Mars” with both pop and acoustic releases.