Meet Me On Mars

June 1, 2018
Tara Macri
10 Count Records
Producer: David Kim, Issac Valens
Number of discs: 1

June 1 2018. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Rising pop singer, Tara Macri embarks on an extraterrestrial journey with her new single “Meet Me On Mars” that premiered earlier this week on Just Jared Jr. The track, released on LA based indie label 10 Count Records, is written by Tara Macri, Andrea England, and Henri Lunetta, produced by Grammy Nominated David Kim and Issac Valens and mixed by multiple Grammy Award winner, Chris Lorde-Alge.

Packing a percussive opening that launches into a fun dense dance beat with some trippy reflective breaks, “Meet me on Mars” was inspired by the never ending worldwide push to explore and expand our boundaries. The track reminds us that when we go somewhere, let’s be sure to bring the best parts of ourselves – especially to Mars…make it a place where everyone is welcome.

Even though I’m singing about getting to Mars, the song is a love story with the idea that Mars needs to be a place where everyone can go and be anything you want with anyone you want. It’s a fresh start with no one there to judge you…it’s a place where you can be your best self. Having performed and danced my whole life on and off Broadway, I wanted to incorporate a dance element with the song and performance. I’m really proud of the dance video and how it turned out…so hey Elon Musk of SpaceX, when you plan the first dance party on Mars, let make sure this track starts the playlist! – Tara Macri